About Us


M J Scarlett Foundation, Inc was created in honor of our daughter, Mia Johanna Scarlett, who died May 2018 at just 2 months old. Although she did not die from human trafficking we realize that all life matters, and the gift of life is a fundamental human right for everyone. Not only was this company created to honor her, but also to help protect other families from suffering the lost of their children (or any family member). 









At M J Scarlett Foundation, Inc we educate kids, teens, and adults on how to identify sex perpetrators, know if they are being recruited, and know how to protect themselves. This education and prevention is essential because: 

150,000,000,000.00 billion dollars, the value of the Human Trafficking Industry.

40,000,000 million plus people worldwide are victims of Human trafficking.

1,000,000 children are reported missing worldwide yearly.

421,394 children were reported missing in the USA in 2019.

3rd, Florida’s rank in the nation for human trafficking.

1st, Broward County’s rank in the tri-county for multi-victim human trafficking cases.

1% of all victims are rescued.

Education and prevention save lives!

We work with schools (all ages), businesses and any organizations.

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Tamara M. Dawes, J.S.D. Candidate ‘21

President/Founder, M J Scarlett Foundation, Inc.

An Anti-Human Trafficking Organization

Master's of Law in Intracultural Human Rights (LL.M.)

John Brunetti Human Trafficking Academy Certified

Youth Mental Health First Aid USA Certified

Cultural Competency Certified

Licensed Realtor

Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board Member - City of Sunrise


patricia gustafson, LCSW

Pro bono Therapist

MJSF also refer human trafficked survivor victims to our volunteer therapist, Patricia Gustafson who is a Licensed Clinical  Social Worker/Mental Health Therapist.

Human trafficking survivors face trauma resulting from their horrific ordeal for the remainder of their lives, and need professional assistance to find effective coping skills.



Survivor Advocate/Volunteer

Nadine Cutno is a survivor of child sexual abuse, kidnapping, and sex trafficking.  In November of 2020 she was the guest speaker on our monthly informational seminar. 

As a survivor advocate, she uses her experience to educate youths about the dangers of human trafficking and how to identify trafficking situations so they do not become victims of this heinous crime.