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Parental Consent Form

According to the Department of Children and Family (DCF), youth ages 12-17 accounts for most reports of sexual exploitation of minors. M J Scarlett Foundation, Inc. is offering a summit to teach youth the skills to protect themselves from being victims of human trafficking, and other skills necessary for positive mental and emotional development. Although we will not be discussing a comprehensive sexual education, the word sex will be in the presentation, and contents of a sexual nature will be vaguely discussed.

The main emphasis will be:


  1. To educate youths on what is sex trafficking, how to identify sex trafficking perpetrators, know if they are being recruited, and know how to protect themselves.

  2. Gain a comprehensive understanding of human trafficking indicators.

  3. Understand the benefits, and risks associated with the use of the internet, and electronic devices.

  4. To explore languages used by sex traffickers over the internet and on social media.

  5. Learn safety resources, and information that will assist youths to identify suspicious attempts by human traffickers and reporting methods.

Please Note: All students must have consent prior to attending the class. Please complete consent form online or email to

I give permission for my child to participate in the Community Service Initiative Youth Summit.

Student Information and Electronic Signatures.

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