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A Therapeutic Jurisprudence Approach to Human Trafficking.

Poverty and homelessness are some of the vulnerability to human trafficking, as such, like therapeutic jurisprudence MJSF targets the root cause of human trafficking, and not the effects. There are over 40 million people worldwide that are victims of human trafficking, and sadly only 1% are rescued. Prevention and Awareness saves lives!

Thank you Southwest Airlines for your donation of a pallet consisting of 52 boxes of cookies to help us carry out our mission. Miss Reene Davis and her team are awesome at packing. All 52 boxes fit in my SUV. Thank you Maud King of Revolving Recreation, Inc. for connecting us with Dr. Naomi Ruth Cobb who facilitated this donation. #TogetherWeCanMakeAdifference!

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Enjoy this 4th of July Weekend event with us. Please share and support. Thanks 😊

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