Every Saturday 52 weeks for the year Hope Project Ministry feeds the homeless in Downtown Miami and Pompano Beach. Last christmas day our son's wish was to help with this project, so we had breakfast early, open gifts and headed to Miami with Miss Jessie. The poverty almost brought me to tears, just seeing people living on the streets and hearing the stories of the few I conversed with as to how they got there. One man was an engineer and lost his job and had no family support and ended up on the street. I was also teared up to see the humanitarian we are raising who after church will wait to help Ms. Jessie pack the food and when I am being impatient she said "You calling him, but he is doing God's work."

Moving forward the last Saturday of each month M J Scarlett Foundation, Inc. will be giving 100+ care packages to Hope Ministry Project for distribution which will include a face masks, hygiene products, water, snacks and most importantly information on human trafficking awareness.

There is a direct connection between Human Trafficking and homelessness. Let's spread awareness and save lives.