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January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month...Lets spread awareness and save lives!

The MJ Scarlett Foundation Inc is a 501 ( c) (3) corporation that focuses on educating kids, teens, and adults on how to identify human trafficking perpetrators, know if they are being recruited, know how to protect themselves, and help others stay protected against sex predators. This education and prevention is essential to reduce the number of people who become victims of human trafficking. There are over 40 million victims worldwide and less than 1% of victims are rescued, therefore, education and prevention save lives. Activities/services provided by the foundation include, but are not limited to: Community and private human trafficking awareness workshops; Human trafficking awareness information distribution; Mental health first aid/counseling for survivor victims; Provide information for community resources to human trafficking victims, and for victim prevention; Temporary emergency shelter e.g. emergency hotel shelter to get victim out of trafficking, or prevent vulnerability to trafficking; Care and/or snack packages for the homeless; Connect with other organizations in the community and provide support among other things.

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