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National Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Our National Human Trafficking Awareness Month presenter is Rev. Dr. Paul VI Karenga, a graduate of St. Thomas School of Law. Join us as he discusses his newly published book “A West African Model to Address Human Trafficking.

Join Zoom Meeting ID: 834 6531 2475     Passcode: 259546


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“This book describes the nature of trafficking in persons in West Africa, focusing on labor and sexual exploitation in the region, and recommends tailor-made solutions established by the Catholic Church in light of governmental authorities’ failure to effectively combat this scourge of humanity. While states’ efforts to fulfill their international obligations in developing anti-trafficking legislations are recognized, their failure to carry out prosecutions of offenders and ensure protection of the victims reveals that law alone is not a sufficient instrument for realizing human rights and improving people’s lives...”

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Enjoy this 4th of July Weekend event with us. Please share and support. Thanks 😊

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