The Horrors of Labor Trafficking

1. Gain a comprehensive understanding about labor trafficking.

2. Understand the groups of people that are most vulnerable to labor trafficking, and its impact on families.

3. Learn about the top five (5) recruitment tactics. 1) Job Offer/Advertisement. 2) Fraud/False Promises, 3) Smuggling Related, 4) Familial, and 5) Posing as a benefactor.

4. Learn about the top five (5) risk factors/vulnerabilities. 1) Recent Migration/Location, 2) Unstable Housing, 3) Criminal Records/History, 4) Physical Health Concerns, and 5) Substance Use Concern.

5. Learn about the top five (5) forms of the use of force, fraud, and coercion. 1) Withholds Earnings/Pay, 2) Excessive Working Hours, 3) Threat to Make Immigration Report, 4) Verbal Abuse, and 5) Withholds/Denies Needs.

6. Identify the countries and industries primarily known for labor trafficking.

7. Identify the list of goods produced by children from forced labor.


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