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Youth Summit

A FEW DAYS AGO 2 FBI AGENTS WERE KILLED, AND 3 INJURED WHILE EXECUTING A FEDERAL WARRANT FOR VIOLENT CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN/CHILD SEXUAL EXPLOITATION. THIS INCIDENT WAS LABLED ONE OF THE DEADLIEST IN THE HISTORY OF THE FBI. The fight against violent child sexual exploitation and human trafficking is real; and, sadly those agents made the ultimate sacrifice while trying to protect our children.

Why not empower our children with knowledge on how to identify human trafficking perpetrators, know if they are being recruited, know how to protect themselves, and help others stay protected against sex predators. This is imperative because human trafficking is in every country, and according to a 2018 statistics more than 50% of sex trafficked victims in the USA are children. According to the Florida Department of Children and Family (DCF), youth ages 12-17 accounts for most reports of sexual exploitation of minors.

We are embarking on a new segment of our Youth Summit, and encourage you to register your children to gain this important knowledge while they receive community service hours from the comfort of your home. Just fill out the registration link below and a copy of our parental consent form will be sent to you, after which you will receive the Zoom info for the Summit.

There are more than 40 MILLION human trafficking victims worldwide, and LESS THAN1% are rescued, therefore, education and prevention SAVE LIVES.

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