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A safe space where women who have been impacted by trauma such as human trafficking, sexual assault,  and domestic violence can talk about challenges and receive support.

3rd Tuesday Monthly @ 7PM  VIA ZOOM.

  We will also have occasional in-person gatherings.

Women's Peer Support Group


                 In this group participants will be able to:

  • Reflect and connect with others in similar situations.

  • Explore the dynamics of human sex trafficking, domestic abuse, & trauma.

  • Practice essential tools for selfcare.

  • Have access to mental health professionals and additional resources.

This is not a counseling session, and we are not mental health professionals.

Contact us for questions @

Nadine Cutno 540-331-0108 or Tamara Dawes 954-397-4444

Meeting Chairpersons


Tamara Dawes, J.S. D. Candidate

Founder/President of  M J Scarlett Foundation  Inc.

Youth Mental Health USA and John Brunetti Human Trafficking Academy Certified


Nadine Cutno, RN

Sexual Abuse & Human Trafficking Survivor advocate

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Kamera Stone, Realtor

Human Trafficking Survivor advocate


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